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Engineering Design Services

Our Core Business

Hydro-Utilities is providing professional engineering technical design services for a whole range of infrastructural projects within the civil, water and structural fields. This includes water resources engineering, wastewater and sewage systems, structural and building engineering, road and bridge engineering, urban drainage engineering and geotechnical engineering.

Project Management and Technical Advisory Services

We Always Provide

Hydro-Utilities also provide project management and advisory services to clients who wish to engage a project manager to oversee their ventures and/or to provide advice on project infrastructural works. This includes preparation and administering of tender documents, contract administration and management, contractor prequalification, quality assurance/quality control, project evaluation and project financial management.

Training and Mentoring

We Believe In Capacity Building

Hydro-Utilities believe in building capacity and empowering engineering technical staff with the right knowledge to execute their duties and tasks diligently and to a high standard. We provide training to industry engineers and technicians and other institutions/people that may require training on various engineering applications such as operating water/wastewater treatment plants, operating and maintaining water and sewage systems, software and other related applications. Hydro-Utilities also supports the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in offering placements for some of their 4th year students.

Site Investigations & Feasibility Studies

We Also Help

We offer feasibility, civil and structural assessments and site investigations services for infrastructure projects. We also help our clients to facilitate topographical surveys, cadastral surveys, soil investigations, surface exploration, field surveys, geophysical studies, geographic referencing, material laboratory testing and environmental impact assessments.