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Our Story

Hydro-Utilities is a professional engineering design consultancy firm specialising in the field of civil engineering, structural engineering and water resources engineering. Hydro-Utilities is a private engineering firm established in 1991 that offers civil, structural and water and environmental engineering services to the African and global markets.

What We Offer

November 2021 will signify a great milestone for Hydro-Utilities as it celebrates 30 years of continuous business. This milestone attainment reflects on the incisive and strategic management executed by Hydro-Utilities Directors, Shareholders and Executive Board that has kept operations moving flawlessly in delivering the firm’s vision.

Hydro-Utilities employs a permanent staff compliment of professional engineers, technicians and project managers that are experienced and qualified in implementing practical technical solutions to various engineering and environmental challenges. With almost 30 years of business experience, this has provided Hydro-Utilities with invaluable knowledge and expertise in assessments, feasibility studies, engineering designs and construction supervision of civil engineering, structural infrastructure and water resources projects.

To date, Hydro-Utilities has collaborated and joint-ventured with over 20 international and global engineering and management firms in the field of water and civil engineering spanning over 100 projects. As a sole consultant, Hydro-Utilities has been involved in and completed over 350 engineering infrastructure, feasibility and water resource studies since its inception, covering the greater part of southern Africa, including a handful of global assignments. Hydro-Utilities strengths lie in its founding principles and values set by its shareholders who believe in unwavering corporate ethics and good governance and continuously striving for improvement and excellence. This, in a nutshell, has been the key pillar that has provided Hydro-Utilities with its stability over the years and an accompanying positive reputation in the market.


Civil & Structural Engineering Design Services

Civil and structural engineering design is at the core of Hydro-Utilities business and includes providing professional engineering technical design services for a whole range of infrastructural projects within the civil, structural and water resource management fields. This includes land engineering, water resources engineering, wastewater and sewage systems, structural and building engineering, road and bridge engineering, urban drainage engineering and geotechnical engineering.

Project Management & Technical Advisory Services

Hydro-Utilities provides project management and technical advisory services to clients who wish to engage a project manager to oversee their project ventures and/ or to provide advice on project infrastructural works. This includes preparation and administering of tender documents, contract administration and management, contractor prequalification, quality assurance/quality control, project evaluation and project financial management.

Water Resources Engineering Services

Hydro-Utilities offer water resources management services, water resources planning, water supply and sanitation (WASH) and water/sanitation masterplan strategy development services. Our services cover all facets of developing, conveying, treating, operating and maintaining a viable water source. Hydro-Utilities also offer solutions for water technologies in the WASH sector.

Site Investigations & Feasibility Services

Hydro-Utilities offer feasibility, civil and structural assessments and site investigations services for infrastructure projects. We also help our clients to facilitate topographical surveys, cadastral surveys, soil investigations, surface exploration, field surveys, geophysical studies, geographic referencing, material laboratory testing and environmental impact assessments.


These services are categorised and fall within three profit centres namely, CIVIL, STRUCTURAL AND WATER RESOURCES ENGINEERING. The provision of these services has allowed the firm to focus and deliver even better solutions based on in-depth experience and expertise. Hydro-Utilities make it a point to employ and develop engineers, technicians, scientists and project managers that are focused and goal-driven to successfully deliver innovative and sustainable projects.